Healing is a Journey

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Welcome to Real Talk with Reltuh! I am Aprile Reltuh, the Owner of Reltuh's Culture Corner, here to have a heart to heart moment with you. I would like you to understand a little more of who I am, while understanding what a journey through healing from past pain and experiences looks like. 

While we all have dreams and aspirations, we all are living real lives. In the midst of the lives we live, we encounter many experiences, good and bad, that tend to shape how we feel about ourselves and how we see the world. These experiences can also shape how we interact with other people, and potentially the level of success we're able to reach.

Oftentimes, in the course of life, we may not realize the level of impact each experience has had. Sometimes we harbor the effects of our experiences, which we call trauma. Until we become ready to deal with our trauma in healthy ways, we may not even realize it is there. 

There are lots of ways to handle trauma, and in this, there is no need to be ashamed. No need to feel shame for our experiences or how we choose to heal from them. 

In the course of my life, especially these last seven years, I have experienced what feels like just about everything. These include homelessness, stillbirth pregnancy, a domestic violence relationship, false accusations to detrimental extent, and so forth. The list goes on, but one day a year ago, I decided that I was tired of the effects these experiences were having on me, and it was time to heal. This was absolutely the best decision I made for myself. 

I knew that if I could not take a moment to see myself and my experiences clearly, I may never have a healthy chance at true happiness in life. I may always continue unhealthy cycles that stem from childhood and the lessons would only become more intense. Who wants this? So I decided that healing was not optional, but NECESSARY.

I am healing at a rapid pace, and healing well might I add. So grateful for the progress that I've made in my life after all of the EXPERIENCES that I've had.

Thankful for always having the mindset to use every experience as a lesson and not a reason for a pity party. Even in this, I understand that some days, healing looks like tears and fear, but I do not have to dwell there. Healing isn't about feeling better and having what we want, ONLY. Some days healing feels crappy. Some days, healing is HARD! And making the choice to remain in pursuit of our healing is hard!

Again, this journey is not only about feeling better and having what we want, but in order to obtain these things, we have to be willing to do away with habits, limiting beliefs, and negative energy (whether within yourself or others). You must be willing to take the time to pin point your hindrances, and what you just need to find BALANCE with.

Healing means facing yourself DAILY! FORGIVING yourself DAILY!
Being willing to appreciate what was, seeing things for what they are currently, while working towards manifesting your desired reality.

All in all, healing begins in the mind. If you take nothing else with you, understand that if you can change your mind, you can change your reality.

Thank you for reading!

- Aprile Reltuh



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