Year-End Reflection - Hindsight 20/20

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We are near the end of yet another year. As I get toward the end of every year, I begin to reflect on the year I had, and all of the many things that I have experienced and learned. I try to examine who I was when the year began versus who I have developed into. The year of 2021 met me with many ups, downs, obstacles, and many surprises. Some of which were pleasant, and others that were not as sweet. This year, I learned plenty about who I am, but learned even more about who I desire to be. 

Every year, as I reflect, I am always reminded of an original piece of mine, entitled 'Hindsight 20/20'. This poetry piece is always pleasantly sobering. It always reminds me that in order to get to where we are going, we have to do the work today. Hindsight 20/20 is always a reminder to be wise about today's decisions, because what you do today will surely affect tomorrow. 

Before this year ends, I would love to share this piece with you. I hope you enjoy!

Hindsight 20/20
Date: May 6th, 2016

It’s always easy to know
the right thing to do
after something has happened,
but we almost never do what’s best.
It’s hard to pass life’s tests
even when we know what’s right.

What is best for me,
might not be best for you.
Some of us just won’t take life’s queues.
We can’t find life’s clues,
failing to realize that the clue is in the gut instinct
but your mind and your conscience
has to be in sync.
I said, your mind and your conscience;
they have to be in sync
in order to reap the protection
that comes from within this connection.

Why does denial exist?
Why do we naturally have the tendency
to tell our truthful eyes that we see lies?
When will we learn to love the truth?
When will we finally take the hurt
and pain from our youth,
and remove the disguise
of the lies we tell ourselves?
Just know,
you’re offering yourself no help
living in denial.

Ultimately the truth is,
this current reality, was once your future,
and today’s future relies
on your right and wrongs from this day.
Today’s future depends on if you’ll see the truth,
or believe the lies in this day.
Living in denial
only causes situations to repeat themselves,
and gives your bad habits the opportunity to stay.

In hindsight,
it’s your choice.
Take the opportunity to hear your inner voice.
It speaks words of wisdom,
but only if you will listen.
Your conscience speaks words of wisdom,
but will you listen?
Will you follow your first instinct,
and possibly prevent a future intervention?
Think about your future,
and then make your decision.
Hindsight is 20/20.

Thank you for reading!

Aprile Reltuh

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