The Standard of Love, Part 2

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Welcome to Real Talk with Reltuh! I am Aprile Reltuh, here to have a heart to heart moment with you. I would like to shed light on the topic of love, and offer a chance to re-evaluate our perception of the act of love. 

Throughout life, relationships and connections can become difficult to navigate. Sometimes we may lose ourselves in pursuit of connections that essentially do not serve us. We are taught that love is meant to be unconditional, and with this we often ignore the pain that we endure in attempt to keep something that does not want to be kept. When will we learn to let it go?

This is the season of releasing, in order to have better. This means there may be relationships and connections that you will have to release, in order to better friends, lovers, and business relationship. It all works together.

With this being said, learn not to pursue anyone that is not pursuing you the same way that you are pursing them. If they do not have the same enthusiasm for the connection that you do, they are not for you.

Learn to spend time with yourself, alone. How could you know what you desire from a connection, or even rom life, if you have not spent adequate time with the person who would truly know? You. You have to become willing to put the time into learning yourself for who you are. This will in turn, show you where you are, who you are, and what you desire. Knowing what you desire, and being in pursuit of true happiness will cause you not to accept anything less than the standard it takes to reach your desire.

Spending time alone not only teaches you who you are, but changes how you view your worth. When you are alone, taking time to get to know yourself, exactly for who you are, you begin to appreciate yourself at a higher standard than you previously had. This is because the more time you spend alone, you learn how to care for yourself better, and prioritize your peace and happiness. In actively caring for yourself, you wouldn't do anything to yourself that could be potentially harmful. Once you have developed this true bond with yourself, you will not allow anyone to be in your presence, if they disrupt your peace, or the flow of your life. 

Energy is transferable, and we must preserve the sacred energy that we have. Energy never lies, so pay attention to how you feel in the presence of others. If you do not feel well, or as yourself, carefully reflect and determine if it is you, or if is the person or people you are with. If your answer happens to lead to something outside of you, it is time to examine your connection with it. 

All connections are not bad, but all connections are temporary. Even if the other party or yourself happened to pass, this would mean the connection to be temporary. Sometimes we may have a major unresolved discrepancy that could cause a connection to end sooner that you anticipated. If it is not serving you well to hold on, release it. 

All in all, if your prioritize your mental and emotional health, along with your personal peace and happiness, you will be led to the connections that best align with you and your soul. Love yourself, be yourself, and be well!

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