About Reltuh

Aprile Reltuh was born in Missouri, and raised in Arizona. Growing up, Reltuh has always been creative, and had a vivid imagination. Her love for poetry was ignited in high school, but was later rekindled in 2014, where the Let’s Be Real: My Life at a Glance Book Series began. Writing poetry is Reltuh’s way of expressing herself, and coping through life’s situations. She often uses her pieces for encouragement to others. In this, she has decided to share her encouragement, and life story with the world.

If you have any questions, or would like to invite Aprile Reltuh to share encouragement or spoken word, please contact by email at aprile.reltuh@gmail.com. Also, subscribe to her YouTube Channel, “like” her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter, and Instagram to receive information on all upcoming books and events.